How to Write a Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay, for some students and beginning writers, can prove to be quite a struggle. Sure, you just have to talk about something remarkable that happened to you in the past or share some of your personal beliefs regarding certain matters. But where is a good point to start with it? Or better yet, what in particular should you even talk about. To follow here is a guide on how to write a personal essay.

The first step on how to write a personal essay is to brainstorm for ideas. Ask yourself what interesting things or events happened to you so far. It can be something you have achieved in school or the first part-time job you have landed yourself in. Or you can ask your friends what they think is interesting about you or what experiences you’ve all together had in the past that they think is noteworthy. Remember that one time you went on a road trip without all your parents knowing? Or you can also take note of your beliefs—say, you chose to convert to Protestantism when everyone in your family is sworn to Catholicism. You can disclose in your essay what made you come up with such a decision. This step on how to write a personal essay may entail writing down these ideas and going through all of them once the brainstorming session is over.

After the first procedure, the next thing that you should consider is the more technical aspect of how to write a personal essay—in other words, the essay format. This usually depends on what the course requires of you. Consider how many sentences should be in one paragraph, and how many paragraphs should your essay be comprised of. Also, take note of the word count, as some professors set a maximum or minimum number of words.

In addition, ask your professors whether he or she prefers longer or shorter sentences, so that you could proceed with your essay with a more or less fixed structured form in mind. If there isn’t a strictly imposed limit on how to write a personal essay, then don’t be afraid to experiment with your options. You can deviate from the standard paragraph format and use verses instead. Let your creative juices flow.

About the Author:
Barbara Meyers is a best teacher in the Math Dept at Cameron University. She enjoys teaching and its evident in how she explains and teaches her students. In her free time she enjoys doing online essay writing.