Personal Essay Prompts for Everyone

For all those who are still stuck in deciding which topic you should pick, here are some examples of personal essay prompts that can get you out of this rut. These essay prompts can be classified into four major types of categories. Choosing which of these possible topics is a matter of taste, interest, and wiliness to disclose personal information.

The first of these four categories of essay prompts groups the personal anecdotes and experiences. These personal stories are easy to tell and at your disposal. Also, you can talk about almost anything under the sun. You can talk about some really extraordinary personal experiences or a normal occurrence but with a strange and unique twist. Examples of these personal essay prompts are “my first dental checkup” and “the one time I walked to the park at night.”

The second set of personal essay prompts includes personal achievements and life milestones. You can pick a specific achievement or just go over the entire list of your achievements or life milestones. However, it is not enough to just tell the reader what your achievement is. You should tell how did you manage to get, details on specifics of that event, and how were you feeling before, during and after getting the achievement or milestone. Examples include “my high school graduation” and “my first day here at the university.”

The third classification of personal essay prompts is all about your ambitions and wishes in life. You can share with your readers what you aspire to become in the future, what made you want to pursue that ambition, and the steps you are taking to get what you want. Similar to the former set of personal essay prompts, you should include your feelings and emotions when you are sharing these with your readers. Examples of such prompts are “life after graduation” and “aiming for straight A’s this semester.”

The last of the personal essay prompts categories deals with the possible hypothetical situations that may or may not be realistically possible. If you choose topics under this category, you can explore your possible course of action, your reactions, and your hopes and worries if that situation was really going to happen. Examples of this type of personal essay prompts are “if I were to graduate tomorrow” and “if alien life forms are discovered.”

These essay prompts are available to give you an idea on what to talk about in your essay. If you cannot still think of what to write after reading this, then you can do an evaluation of your current interests or hobbies, and choose which of these are worth talking about. Finally, personal essay prompts may be given by your professor or editor, so all you have to do is develop your essay around them.

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