Best Personal Essay Ideas

Ideas for Personal EssaysPersonal essay may strike some people as really difficult at first. But contrary to that belief, it isn’t like that at all. As long as you got your basic writing skills down pat and some great personal essay ideas, you can take on this task and emerge from it in flying colors. Yet somehow, a lot of people get stuck with the latter. But not to worry: we have the best personal essay ideas for you.

First, think of something interesting about yourself. It might be about the honors you received in your high school graduation or the first college party you have attended in your life. Or it could be about your belief in UFO’s and how everyone you knew won’t take you seriously for it. Or it could even be about your first great love. The possibilities are endless. But don’t just say it straight out or you’ll risk losing your readers’ interest then and there. Build up on it and expound. Provide details, but make sure it’s not too dragging. Start at this point first then ask your friends and mentors to read your essay for you to see if your chosen topic piques their attention. Also, you can ask them about some other great personal essay ideas: who knows, you might have missed something really noteworthy in your life which might work as a more engaging topic instead.

But then, you might also want to consider the possibility that nothing remarkably interesting has happened to you so far. For some people, it’s simply an unshakeable fact of life. In that case, you are really in a dire need of good personal essay ideas. In this regard, you might want to pick one experience which you think you can expound on, like the feeling you’ve had when you first saw the flowers bloom in your garden, or the incessant barking of your neighbor’s dogs. Then make the words do all the work.

Tweak your chosen personal essay ideas a little to give color to something that seems mundane. Dig deep into the littlest details, and harness whatever vivid imageries can do for your writing. Make your readers see what you’re seeing and feel what you’re feeling. That way, you’ll engage the readers in your own thoughts and feelings and make them empathize. Plus, they wouldn’t probably even notice that given other circumstances, the personal essay ideas that you’ve used aren’t that much out of the ordinary. In short, give a new life to a seemingly humdrum existence.

If that still doesn’t work for you, then consider this little option: go out there and see the world. After all, experiences still remain the best source of personal essay ideas.

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Barbara Meyers is a best teacher in the Math Dept at Cameron University. She enjoys teaching and its evident in how she explains and teaches her students. In her free time she enjoys doing online essay writing.