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For some people, writing can be a Herculean task. Not everyone finds writing easy, but it simply cannot be avoided, most especially if you are still a student. Some of your courses would probably give you writing assignments every now and then, and some are just harder than the others. Take for example, personal essay writing, which is basically an account of a person’s experiences and beliefs. What is the standard format that you should follow when you are writing your personal essay? Also, how would you keep your readers interested? Here are some personal essay help bits for you.

First and foremost, the personal essay help that you need will depend on how you or your professor wants to accomplish your piece. So what you might want to do, first and foremost, is to establish the rules. Approach your professor and ask what he or she wants to see in your essay or how does he or she want it to be written. You can also ask personal essay help from him or her so prepare some question. In case he or she isn’t available for consultation, go for this personal essay help bit: write an introductory paragraph made up of five sentences; a body comprised of three to four paragraphs, also with five sentences each; and a conclusion, which should be as long as your introduction more or less. If your professor will allow, then you can also opt to tweak the format a little so as not to limit your ideas.

` Another aspect that might need some personal essay help would be the sentence length. Some professors want sentences written as concise as possible; others like sentences written in great detail. Also, there are some writers who alternate long and short sentences to achieve a distinct style. Of course, all of these entail certain pros. For one, sentences which are direct to the point are easier to read and comprehend. On the other hand, longer sentences help the reader get a clearer picture of the situation and feel the emotions that the writer is trying to convey. And lastly, alternate formatting gives a piece with more attitude; therefore rendering it much more interesting. You can choose from one of these formats depending on what is needed from you. Also, a key personal essay help is to consider your readers. Get a feel of what style you think would most interest them.
If you still can’t figure which among these suggestions you should go with, it might be a good idea to ask personal essay help from the more seasoned writers that you know, as they are more experienced with writing and criticism, and much more endowed with brilliant writing ideas.

About the Author:
Barbara Meyers is a best teacher in the Math Dept at Cameron University. She enjoys teaching and its evident in how she explains and teaches her students. In her free time she enjoys doing online essay writing.