Important Things to Remember in Making a Personal Essay Outline

If you are tasked to do a personal essay, it is better if you start it by brainstorming for ideas and then constructing your personal essay outline. Just like in any other types of essay, outlines are essential for personal essays. After selecting an appropriate topic and gathering information and ideas about it, you must organize them formally in a personal essay outline to make sure that your essay is cohesive and readable. The following are the essential things to remember in making your personal essay outline.

First of all, with the topic you have chosen and the ideas that you have, you must word out your thesis sentence. This is the central idea of your essay which is written in a simple declarative sentence. Remember to keep it concise and clearly worded. Also, by identifying your thesis sentence, you can develop your main points more easily instead of just writing down whatever you think of.

Second, the main points of essay will be the topic sentence for each paragraph in the body of the essay. In your personal essay outline, it will be more helpful if you write these down in sentences so that you can easily identify if it directly supports your thesis sentence. Also, you must further support these main points with sub-points consisting of ideas, opinions and feelings. Other types of essay call for objectivity, but since this is a personal essay, you can be as subjective as you want to be.

It is also important to determine the structure you will use in the personal essay outline. There are various types of structures or organizational patterns to choose from. But for, a personal essay outline, the most commonly used are the chronological sequence, flashback order, and the reflective structure.

Outline for Personal Essay

Chronological sequence is best suited if your topic is a narration of events, describing a process, or giving directions or instructions. Flashback order, which is similar to the chronological sequence, is used when giving anecdotes, or personal experiences and examples. Reflective structure on the other hand, is combined with a list of your opinions about the topic. You can choose from any of these structures, but it is not uncommon for people to combine these structures. Just make sure that you the logical flow is clear and consistent all throughout the essay.
Another important thing to remember when constructing your personal essay outline is the conclusion. For this, you must reemphasize your thesis and main points, and achieve a sense of closure with your reader. Usually, quotes and anecdotes are used to end essays.

So, there you have it! These are the important things you must remember when you are making your personal essay outline, and you can now proceed to writing your rough draft for your essay.

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