The Basics of Personal Essay Writing

Personal essay writing can sometimes prove to be a tough feat among beginners. When one is tasked—say, in an English writing class—to make an extensive narrative of one’s own life experiences and/or ideals, the writer first has to consider where is the best point to start off with personal essay writing. Should you go way back to your early childhood years or would starting off from your teenage years would already suffice? Also, how do you keep your readers interested in what you have written? What are the most effective means to keep their attention to what you have to say? These are just some of the most basic problems that one has to address before engaging into this particular writing endeavor.

Personal essay writing can take on many forms. It can be about the significant life experiences that molded you into the person that you are right now; or it can about your attitudes and beliefs towards a particular idea or phenomenon. As for the essay’s format, it depends on what your mentor requires of you. Should he or she decide to give you the liberty of choosing your own topic and/or following your preferred format, then you can opt to do your personal essay writing in a less rigid manner to allow you more freedom of expression.

In personal essay writing, you should exert extra effort make your descriptions as vivid as possible to pique your readers’ attention. Grab them by the opening lines of your essay by saying something witty or revealing an interesting fact about yourself bit by bit, just to keep them on the edge of their seats. Then follow it up with a good background story.

Consider this example: you are the eldest in a brood of eight. Your family in the province had always expected that you would make it big in the real world and in your younger years, you were always touted to become their most prized breadwinner. However, all of a sudden, you decided to drop out of college a year before you were expected to graduate. Everyone who has pinned their hopes on you were left in utter shock and disappointment with your seemingly haphazard decision. But then, no one knew the real reason behind what you did. From this point in your personal essay writing, this is where you proceed to explain the circumstances that made you come up with your decision.

You can opt to provide a rigorous detail of the events that transpired in your life, or do the exact opposite by leaving out a few important details to heighten the sense of mystery and to keep your readers glued to your personal essay writing.

About the Author:
Barbara Meyers is a best teacher in the Math Dept at Cameron University. She enjoys teaching and its evident in how she explains and teaches her students. In her free time she enjoys doing online essay writing.