In personal essay writing, you should exert extra effort make your descriptions as vivid as possible to pique your readers attention.

Personal essay writing can take on many forms. It can be about the significant life experiences that molded you into the person that you are right now; or it can about your attitudes and beliefs towards a particular idea or phenomenon.

Personal essay writing can sometimes prove to be a tough feat among beginners.

Five Personal Essay Tips You Should Follow

In this article, you will learn five essential personal essay tips that will not only increase the quality of your work, but will also make writing it much easier and faster. But before that, here are some things you need to know first about personal essays. Personal essays are written to share your own thought, opinions and ideas about a specific topic to your readers. Because of this, writing personal essays must be descriptive, as […]


Personal Essay Prompts for Everyone

For all those who are still stuck in deciding which topic you should pick, here are some examples of personal essay prompts that can get you out of this rut. These essay prompts can be classified into four major types of categories. Choosing which of these possible topics is a matter of taste, interest, and wiliness to disclose personal information. The first of these four categories of essay prompts groups the personal anecdotes and experiences. […]


Dos and Don’ts on Writing a Custom Personal Essay

Custom personal essay is written to freely express your thoughts, feelings and ideas regarding a specified topic. This is usually assigned to a person to get to know that person more. This type of essay is comparable to narrative essays, but ideas on a custom personal essay should be related to you personally. Also, those who write custom personal essay form a special connection with their reader, although there are still limitations on what can […]


Important Things to Remember in Making a Personal Essay Outline

If you are tasked to do a personal essay, it is better if you start it by brainstorming for ideas and then constructing your personal essay outline. Just like in any other types of essay, outlines are essential for personal essays. After selecting an appropriate topic and gathering information and ideas about it, you must organize them formally in a personal essay outline to make sure that your essay is cohesive and readable. The following […]


Best Personal Essay Ideas

Personal essay may strike some people as really difficult at first. But contrary to that belief, it isn’t like that at all. As long as you got your basic writing skills down pat and some great personal essay ideas, you can take on this task and emerge from it in flying colors. Yet somehow, a lot of people get stuck with the latter. But not to worry: we have the best personal essay ideas for […]


Basic Formats for Personal Essay Writing

One of the foremost aspects that you should consider when you are writing your personal essay is the personal essay format, most especially if you are writing as a fulfillment of a course requirement. There isn’t really a single standard personal essay format out there (except if your professor has made his or her own format that he or she would require the students to follow), but if you’re the type of writer who can’t […]


How to Write a Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay, for some students and beginning writers, can prove to be quite a struggle. Sure, you just have to talk about something remarkable that happened to you in the past or share some of your personal beliefs regarding certain matters. But where is a good point to start with it? Or better yet, what in particular should you even talk about. To follow here is a guide on how to write a […]


The Basics of Personal Essay Writing

Personal essay writing can sometimes prove to be a tough feat among beginners. When one is tasked—say, in an English writing class—to make an extensive narrative of one’s own life experiences and/or ideals, the writer first has to consider where is the best point to start off with personal essay writing. Should you go way back to your early childhood years or would starting off from your teenage years would already suffice? Also, how do […]